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Testing your health is vital for your future

We should know our own health better. Self-awareness is important for your mental and physical state of health. Why?

• Healthcare is becoming congested and fast assistance hard to find
• Professionals in the healthcare are harder to find.
• The lack of healthcare professionals lead to longer waiting and lesser quality.
• Observing personal fluctuation in health recordings delivers strong evidence to change or adjust. Measuring helps to see direct results.
• Recording and registering your health helps to control lifestyle on the long term and makes you able to age more healthy.
• You can control your Aging Process by following up your measurements with activities. What kind of activities can follow from the registrations.
• Measuring your mental health on a regular basis helps you to mindfully study, work and age. Regular self-testing will improve your capacities and abilities to succeed.
• Any career, in sport, work or politics start with trying to control your body and mind. Measuring your body and mind is vital to your success and top results.

But there is more. Government and institutes are “protecting “the health market from influences of other ideas, cultures and countries. It is strange but the following is going on;
• Complementary medicines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and others are still treated as secondary or inferior
• Individual health testing is not promoted, neither offered. This implies that diseases are often discovered when too late or in a far state of development.
• Waiting lists are standard and can run up from weeks to months.
• Interconnection in testing is still rare. Most tests are performed by different people in different departments of the same building. These processes often take time and many appointments.
• During pandemic is healthcare no longer accessible and becomes disease a serious risk. We have seen this happening a lot during the COVID 19 years.
• Industry protectionism has become a vital instrument of silent war. The major problem is that the consumer is suffering from a rise in price levels and a downgrading of products and services.