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Neurex is the complete and ultimate mind over body program. How can we control our neural system through exercise and activity? This question is a direct result of my years of research in Age Control.

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Aging is degeneration of the muscular and neural system. The result of aging is venerability of our body and immune system. We become a danger to ourselves. Our aging process can be downgrading the quality of life if we do not act upon it.

Neurex is one important way to diminish the side effects of the aging process. We lose weight and power due to loss of muscles and neural transmission. Exercise the muscles is one of the priorities to avoid limiting our physical possibilities.

But not only the muscles should be trained. Our neural transmission system is even more important. The pathway between brain and muscle slows down when we get older. The first signs of this show up right after we become 35 years of age. Acting on this is important to stop the progressive degeneration.

With Neurex we hand you tools to stop or minimize the downgrading. In my research I did test thousands of different exercises and finally could decrease thew amount to less than hundred different. Each exercise is specific and only useful for specific persons. Which exercise is needed and useful for you depends on factors as body constitution, physical condition, mental approach, and other factors.

A professional is needed to choose the right exercises with you. Neurex is your choice of training when you wish to grow old in a healthy well reacting way.