Force One Netherlands


 Covid lockdown 2020 brought us a new experience. Due to a complete lockdown, it was no longer possible to reach customers or other public.

Converting a message is only possible in sincere communication. Social media is light and does not allow deep, intensive information. Most social media messages are superficial and light in nature. Getting likings is priority. But are these likings useful? Valuable? Do they give any meaningful and sensible interaction between parties?


The answer to that is a clear NO. People klick likes randomly and often not because they actually like the topic but more as a group issue to be found as a person who did like the article or picture. A like says nothing more than the person saw the message.


If you wish interaction and connection with the reader, it is better to write articles and books. In general people read less and take no time for long content. On the other hand, hearing seems more comfortable, and it is possible to do anywhere at any time.


With a long, intensive and experience full life it is easy to convey a message from writing into voice. This is what I did. I chose different topics and articles to convert to a Podcast and made them available for you. At the end of 2021 I reached over 150 postings, and this is still growing.


My topics vary strongly. From training lessons (working out on a boxing bag as example) to philosophical, mental, environmental, and psychological to human interest. All is available on many different platforms on internet. Enclosed I give some samples, but I advise you to search for more as it is like an increasing stream of information.


Listen carefully and if you can let me know your opinion. 

People who are more interested in in-dept podcasts I would like to refer to this platform  https://insighttimer.com/forceone/guided-meditations/consideration