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Visions & More.

The future is unknown to us. We all wish that we can predict or even know the future. Many artists and visionaries have tried to tell us what is coming.

Most of the predictions are connected with religion or people who had visions of doom and gloom. We seldom encounter visions of a better future, a peaceful world, or a completely different approach of life.

Visions are currently about what will go wrong. Most of the negative visions always have a core of truth inside. Our human nature is more doom and gloom than positive encounters. We know our own nature and that is not a very happy one.

Predicting the future is something far out of my comfort zone. As realist I would like to say that my visions are temporary and can be adjusted over time. Nothing I say is carved in stone. Not even the past.

Visions and other observations are personal. Every single person telling a story does so from its own point of view. We are all observers and only able to give our personal observation. Our mind is not able to see things from more than one perspective each time. We may encounter the same event more than one time, but we always will observe it differently.

Visions are observations of a moment in time. We experience a vision at one moment in time and the observation of it is different the next. By showing you my visions, I introduce you to my observations of time and space and give you things to think about. 

Here are some of my visions on different topics;


Media coverage must be cut in different sections;

• TV broadcasting of local, province and country level. With the right connections and local consent we also can look for international coverage. TV is topic limited and hard to control. Coverage of a topic must be censored before used and each broadcaster thoroughly checked on past performances before we can allow an open sincere broadcast situation. The reason of censoring and profound background check is the fact that we have to obey the UNISEF rulings on children broadcasting which are related to privacy, safety and security of the participants.

• Radio broadcasting is done by the “voice of the camp” a person selected and briefed to represent the camp in the broadest possible way.

• Newspaper and magazine coverage. Both will be invited, have a guided tour and is requested to send a proof number as return favor. It is important that from each publication at least one sample is kept in file as proof and historical correct evidence.

• Social media. This is of increasing importance and must be monitored and used as much as possible by camp members, staff and supporters.

Media coverage is important for fund raising and official recognition. We have to see all coverage as a form of advertisings to promote our goal to others. The best way to control media coverage is not to engage in all but be selective and cooperative to a limited number of sources. For every form of media we have to select a professional to interact in a professional way.


To cover financial, physical / personal and material risks we need to insure what is possible and likely. Insurance is also needed for the medical care of the children and staff, the buildings and transportation vehicles. Cost of insurance depends on the different financial risks involved and the rebuild or replacements of the products. Health insurances will be covered depending on the past health situation and possible risks of the individual. Foreigners are requested to cover their risks in country of origin. The financial consequences of insuring all can be found in the financial statement.

Future vision?

China will change in the next 20-30 years. New laws give people the possibility to have more children, also in cities. In current situation the gender politics seem to change and females are more accepted. The amount of girls being killed during or just after pregnancy is reducing and the acceptance of having a daughter is rising.

In contrary with the Western world the migration toward cities will continue and the countryside become a more and more desolated area where traveling groups will rule. A strange situation of Chengiz Khan in modern clothing can evolve if the national Government do not act in time. Villages will become under treat and inhabitance are no longer secure. The poverty in country side will increase and lawlessness is expected to prevail. A grim vision that already has shown its dark sides in some areas.

The problem of the “left behind children” will start to reduce around 2020-2025 when most of the current generation is grown up. But by growing up a new problem is created. Most of these former children has no proper education, lived a solitude life without much concern from and with others and less social skills. Most have no control of emotions and probably will come in conflict with many people. They will not easy find jobs or are able to start their own business. Crime will be the solution to most of them.

The result of this development will increase the insecurity of the countryside and stress food production for the cities. Food transports will be attacked and likely to be robbed. City borders come under attack of the mentioned traveling gangs and must be protected by walls as in the ancient past. Living on the edges or outside the cities becomes dangerous. This is a short term vision of which we see already some coming true.

Our camps will be a clear light in this darkness. Each camp is built like a fortress for protection from the outside dangers and the security of residents . The camps are built for decades and must have a full self-reliance and the capacity to survive in the worse situations. When the problem of the “left behind children” is decreased the camps can be used by the same group to build a new society and take care of agriculture and production for the cities. The target must be to build camps to last and be of benefit for all.