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Boxa, the new brain boxing

Boxa, the new brain boxing, sets you down in every movement as the core of the atom and the energy field around you (the electrons) in a defense, attack, and movement pattern at all times without rest. We need rest to recuperate after a good training but not during the training. This is one of the reasons why I did take away long rest periods during training.

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Why did we develop Boxa as there is already a highly developed style of traditional boxing?
Many traditional boxing coaches and trainers did ask me this question. Boxing has thousands of highly capable people who currently spend their days with teaching and coaching competitive boxers around the globe. These same trainers and coaches are highly capable of addressing recreative boxers and fitness enthusiasts. But as said before, training is evolution, change in movement. Traditional boxing is rusted in the idea that we have only one favorite front leg and all technical skill developments are based on that. Variations on this “one leg” principle are off limit. Currently it is time for change in our thinking about boxing.

Until today a boxing training was a drill to have a fixed front leg. The choice of the front leg is made depending on your most used hand side. Are you righthanded, your front leg is left. If you are lefthanded your front leg should be right. But in most gym left-leg-front (orthodox) is the rule even when you are a left-handed person (southpaw). But science and developments make changing faster than ever before.

The current participants are a mix of male and female. In some gyms the ratio of 50/50 is already reached. Children are growing up in a multi-tasking environment and they are able to use their brain more efficient than the older generations. We can state that their brains are evolving. To keep up with these fast changes we need to keep our sport a challenge for this group and add elements of difficulty, surprise and learning for them.

Female participation has jumped from virtually zero to in the beginning of 2000 to a sheer 40/50% of the participants in most gyms worldwide. This incredible increase can only be explained by the fact that females were always denied entrance to the gyms by the traditional. Boxing used to be a stronghold of old-fashioned discrimination of women but that has changed a lot. But still most traditional boxing trainers still does not understand anything of the female physic and train them like males. This is unacceptable but daily practice.

After 30/35 there is a change in body and mind in every person. This is another moment were traditional training methods fails. Teaching and development did not move along with a change of mental and physical aging. The goals of this growing group are completely different from the younger generations. This physical and mental change in a growing population with interests in stress reduction, aggression relieve, self-defense and other reasons demand innovative training methods. Life enters another stage of challenge which must be addressed with new developments.

Boxing is, besides a superior way of physical training, a therapy for stress, anxiety, and mental problems. To keep everybody involved in exercises we need to set regular changing targets, offer variety in style and content and, most of all, have a good scale of basic techniques. Offering a new look at boxing is what we offer with this book and the additional movies and podcasts. Your opportunity to challenge your own body and mind.

This book is written to provide you with new insights, ideas, training methods and motivation to pick up the sport again or continue to explore the new ways. We have completed the book with additional instruction movies, training podcasts, private / group lessons and whatever else is possible.