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Dynamic Weight Control (DWC)


Dynamic Weight Control  (DWC) is an exciting fitness training, fast and strong to condition and strengthen body and soul. DWC makes use of weight plates and dumbbells. The movements in DWC are a continuous flow of movements in a perfect safe way with the use of every part of the body.

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Fast results

DWC is result oriented. We have created a way of training in fitness that shows rapid improvement and very fast results.

Each training session only takes 30 MINUTES !

For advanced participants is the maximum training time is 60 minutes.

In general we can state that participants have proven results within 1 weeks after starting up. Already after 1 single training every participant feels the effect of this special way of training !

The best results show up after a few months of training when in traditional fitness it will take you years to develop the same strength, speed or power.

Female / Male

Group training is traditional more for female than for male. DWC has ended this ! Many groups show a fast increase in male participants. The ratio in most lessons is 50 / 50. The super high impact lessons show a male / female rating of 80 / 20 %.


DWC is developed for every level of participant. In general we can say that DWC is a medium or high impact program. A low impact version is developed for treatment of injuries and can only be trained under certificate P trainers.

To start with DWC it is advised to have basic knowledge of fitness and weight workouts. Some workouts need preparation in the form of watching an instruction DVD of the founders.

Training session

DWC training sessions are intensive. The use of weights stimulates muscles and the neural system on all levels. A normal training session takes up to 30 minutes only. Due to this extreme short time for a maximum result the training is perfectly fit for people with limited time !

DWC offers 6 levels of training sessions ;

 Low impact 30 – 45 minute session for beginners

 The standard 30 minute session

 Extensive high impact 50 – 60 minute session for advanced persons

 DWC combination of plates and dumbbells

 DWC combination of dumbbells and ball

 DWC all functions (weight plates / dumbbells and ball)

We strongly advise every participant to start in an low impact session to learn movements.

A training session starts with 10 minutes introduction. The movements follow in a slow action but continuous movement to warm up the system. After this a shock / speed / power-speed or power-shock period of 10 minutes follow. A session is ended with a rounds of 2 or 3 minutes in a high intensive and high speed action. The amount of rounds depend on the availability of time.


DWC uses limited equipment ;

 Weight plates with 2 grips (5 / 10 / 15 kg)

 Dumbbells from 2 till 6 kg

Products used in special group sessions are

 Aerobic bal 65 / 75 cm

 Elastic extension tubes

The weight plates must be of proper seize as some movements demands a wide grip. For a start each Gym can use available equipment until the method is taken into the permanent program. Force One can deliver you all weights straight from its factories.

BE AWARE ; Dynamic Weight Control is advised for everybody over 18 years old. Person below 18 yrs old only can practice DWC under (para)medical supervision.

WARNING FOR INSTRUCTORS ; DWC headquarters will hold every person who unauthorized performs DWC or a copy directly liable for all injuries caused by his / her practice, teaching or instructions. DWC headquarters will prosecuted any person directly or indirectly involved in illegal practice of DWC or copy infringement.