Force One Netherlands

Arts and special books

My first goal is to express myself in other ways. Art is an open forum of expression of life in as many ways as possible. The way I express art is through poetry, writing, imaging and other visual ways. Being artistic is different from being an artist. Currently I see myself as having artistic expressions and less as an artist.

Expression of any kind is important to every person. Live becomes living when you are able to express yourself in the ways you are able to do it. These ways are different for every person.

Poetry is an important way to express emotions in words. It must be said that what I express is not of personal experience, persons I know or events I conquer. Most of my poems are expressions of the mind without focusing on particular persons or events. If you think a poem is about you, then it probably is. My reasons to express myself in words is to touch your soul, share emotions and become part of you. The writings come from the “universe”, and I am just its messenger. The keys I touch are stricken with the energy that is guided through my body and mind.

Art is guided inspiration, universal connection and sharing of emotions that goes around for ages. Words carry the load of experience of the many who used them before us. By writing them down we transfer all these into the worlds, lines, and emotions they express.

Visual arts are not my strongest successes. They merely reflect what comes on my way that I can use to melt together into something that feels nice. Seeing is feeling. Sharing what I feel in an expression is only successful if the other side feels what I try to express.

Read my arts, feel, and share my emotions and hopefully we both reach that final stage of binding souls, united in our universal experience. 

Special books in different language are available here