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Vital life depends on a healthy lifestyle. With Yotha I promote Vitality. Living at the maximum at any age. That is why I designed a style of exercise and living for you. Enjoy life, love and living in full.

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What is Yotha?

Yotha is developed as an exercise method for males over 40 years with a desire to stay healthy and in good shape. The content of the program is male oriented but easy to follow for female.

Yotha is designed in components which do take between 10 – 15 minutes per series. It is possible to train most of the series in standard clothing and do not require a change to gym gear.

Yotha can be trained in a space of up to 2 m2, anywhere on a not slippery surface.

Yotha has many components which suits the different mood feelings of any person during the week.

Yotha can be trained in different levels of speed, strength, or intensity. It is all up to you to decide what you like to follow most.

Yotha is a complete lifestyle program based on Vitality, emotional connection, and knowledge.

Age, gender, ability

When reviewing the market nearly all performances, exercise routines or lessons are given by persons between 20 and 35 years of age. The age were people should be healthy, flexible, high in condition and in a good physic. But most lack the experience of aging, injuries, hardship, stress, or other matters that come overtime and leave scares and mental or physical problems behind.

Considering this I wanted to show the world that as a 60+ person it is still possible to train, improve and stay healthy in a way most 30+ hardly do. With this site I want to prove that what I can do, you can do also. It is possible with stamina, a healthy mind set and good effort you can reach what I do and maybe more.

Yotha is created with the mindset of experience in physical and mental way. It is based on effort for effort. We push the body as far as it can go with a healthy conscious mind. Do not cross borders but never accept them as being defined. Age is not just a number but a fact with we must live and work.

With Yotha I challenge age, gender, and ability to perform, live a life and become that happy, mobile, and mentally strong person you always wanted to be. No matter who you were before. 

Why not Yoga? Yoga is a great challenge but outside India only very few males are attracted to it. The reason is simple, most males consider Yoga as a feminine exercise method not because of the content but due to the fact that most participants are female. The female / male ratio is different than what is usual for them. 



The philosophy of Yotha

We humans are earth beings. The bond with our earth is complete because we arose from the evolution of the earth and our energy is connected in everything we do. This is immediately noticeable when people are in space.

Any human moving away from Earth, for example through space travel, immediately loses control of both muscles and breathing. By offering a self-created earth climate, humans can survive and move.

As an earth being we are under the influence of the 5 elements (Earth, water, fire, metal, and wood) extended with space and air. There is an interweaving of traditional and future assumptions. Because man is in a constant development, we have to add others to this list such as intelligence, creation and movement.

Over the centuries, the earth being human has realized that there are many more binding elements between us and the earth. It is no longer the old 5 elements that make up us but 10. Let me list them for a better insight and understanding.


1. Earth
2. Water
3. Fire
4. Metal
5. Wood
6. Space
7. Air
8. Intelligence
9. Creation
10. Movement


There is no order, and all elements interact with each other. Constantly and always, in the past and in the future. There will be no end to this as long as man exists. Nothing can exist without each other or can be separated.

Man is an embodied spirit. We exist as spirit in a body and sometimes feel completely intertwined, but there are also times when the body seems strange to us. There is an intimate connection and also a separation. An example that clearly appeals to the imagination are, unfortunately, people with a mental illness. For many of these people, the body is more often a prison than a useful tool.

The proverb that the mind rules over the body speaks more of a hope than a reality. For most people, the body rules the mind and also imposes the pattern of life. Look at habitual behaviors, eating habits and illness disturbances.

The goal of Yotha is to realize to what extent the body/mind ratio has been developed in you. To achieve this, I have walked many paths and done years of research. Ultimately, the Yotha form here is a written, filmed and listenable representation of an ever-continuing development of insights about the earth being that we are.

In order to understand more about the complexity, in addition to the information offered here, the meetings and the exchanges are especially important. Unlike the meditation-oriented elements of development, it appears that it is precisely the discussion, the exchange of thoughts between people, all developments and insights that have brought people to where we are today.

Meditation is a moment of silence, gaining your own insight, taking in and processing what is and will be for you as an individual. Discussion provides insight into the other, into the world and what the universal possibly has in store for us. A discussion is listening to others with the aim of learning from each other, raising ourselves to a high level. A meditation after a discussion is very instructive and certainly recommended.

In addition to the discussion with others, we also know the consultation with ourselves. A deepening of who and what we are in a changed world and body. Everyone goes through the same cycle in life and experiences it in their own way. Yotha walks with you through this cycle and points the way, gives you directions and individualizes your existence.

Yotha assimilates, accepts, seeks, and finds solutions by going with the cycle. Your cycle, your world, and your life. Everything is at your disposal for daily use of food, exercise, thoughts, and health. A complete concept for a full life with only one goal: to make our lives as positive as possible.

Yotha is part of the full vitality program which includes strength (DWC), speed & agility (Neurex), power (Bag workout), mindfulness (Podcasts), knowledge (Age Control), creativity (Arts), visions of the future. Vital Living is to focus on the future, learn from the past, and actually live today. The awareness of the moment is more important than the past or future. Within this very moment, both have a function and shape who you are. That is living a vital life. 


 Trainer & education program

Do you want to become a certified instructor of Yotha and other programs? That is possible. Courses vary from intensive (4-6 week, 2 training per day on location) to “online”. We offer personal and group courses. Examinations are in the Netherlands, Thailand, China or Taiwan.


Are you interested? Send an application to info @ forceone. nl (mind the gaps)

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