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Vital life depends on a healthy lifestyle. With Yotha I promote Vitality. Living at the maximum at any age. That is why I designed a style of exercise and living for you. Enjoy life, love and living in full.

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What is Yotha?

Yotha is developed as an exercise method for adults with a desire to stay healthy and in good shape.  

Yotha is designed in components which do take between 10 – 15 minutes per series. It is possible to train most of the series in standard clothing and do not require a change to gym gear.

Yotha can be trained in a space of up to 2 m2, anywhere on a solid surface.

Yotha has many components which suits the different mood feelings of any person during the week.

Yotha can be trained in different levels of speed, strength, or intensity. It is all up to you to decide what you like to follow most.

Yotha is a complete lifestyle program based on Vitality, emotional connection, and knowledge.

Age, gender, ability

When reviewing the market nearly all performances, exercise routines or lessons are given by persons between 20 and 35 years of age. The age were people should be healthy, flexible, high in condition and in a good physic. But most lack the experience of aging, injuries, hardship, stress, or other matters that come overtime and leave scares and mental or physical problems behind.

Considering this I wanted to show the world that as a 60+ person it is still possible to train, improve and stay healthy in a way most 30+ hardly do. With this site I want to prove that what I can do, you can do and maybe even improve. It is possible with stamina, a healthy mind set and good effort you can reach what I do and maybe more.

Yotha is created with the mindset of experience in physical and mental way. It is based on effort for effort. We push the body as far as it can go with a healthy conscious mind. Do not cross borders but never accept them as being defined. Age is not just a number but a fact with we must live and work.

With Yotha we challenge age, gender, and ability to perform, live a life and become that happy, mobile, and mentally strong person you always wanted to be. No matter who you were before. 

Why  Yotha? The combination of effective Yoga exercises are combined with the thousands of years’ experience in Martial Arts of all ages and genders.  During Yotha exercises we combine the physical and mental aspects, the breathing and meditation to a blend of perfection that crosses all age barriers.

Our goal is to unite body and soul during every lesson. Combine breathing and mental awareness. Dilute toxics in body and mind and clean your mood.



The philosophy of Yotha

We all need to be grounded. Connected with our mother Earth. Engage is a solid connection between the earth, air and energy.

Yotha combines the knowledge of Yoga (India) and Martial Arts (Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and other countries) into one system of movements.

We explore the debts of our mind and the powers of the body in different ways. All the knowledge of thousands of years is available to us without limitation or restriction. Let we explore the ways to apply it for your personal gain. Your individual abilities and possibilities.

Yotha is practical and easy to learn. Follow the lessons and within no time you are able to work out all on your own. Maybe even become a teacher or master. It is that easy.

Experience the exercises by yourself and attend the lessons. Be surprised about yourself.
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Trainer & education program
Do you want to become a certified instructor of Yotha? That is possible. Courses vary from intensive (4-6 week, 2 training per day on location) to “online”. We offer personal and group courses. 

Examinations are in the Netherlands, Thailand, China or Taiwan.